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7 Signs of Unhealthy Hair

7 Signs of Unhealthy Hair

Hair / November 1, 2017 / No Comment

A lot of women wonder if their hair is healthy, or if they should be worried about it. Below are some signs that your hair isn’t healthy and that you should treat it with care.

1. Split Ends

Wrap a small hair section around a pen or your finger. If you see uneven, small strands that are sticking out, it means that you’re suffering from split ends. This is one of the biggest indications that your hair is damaged.

2. Heat Damage

When your hair is affected by the styling tools that use heat, your hair’s texture is going to be brittle and you will likely suffer from split ends.

3. Extreme Shedding and Breakage

You have weakened hair if you’re noticing a lot of hair falling out anytime you style, comb, or brush your hair.

4. Dulled Shine

Don’t use a lot of pomades, sprays and gels. If your hair doesn’t have a lot of shine, it might be because there is a buildup of product on it.

5. Dye Overload

When you are coloring your hair frequently, the dyes often will contain hydrogen peroxide. This can leave your hair damaged and dry.

6. A lot of Tangles

If you’re using a brush that has plastic, cheap bristles instead of one that has bristles made of nylon, it can tear at the hair and make it look and feel a lot more tangled.

7. Dry Hair

When your hair is healthy, it’s soft and supple rather than dry and brittle. If your hair is dry, chances are that you aren’t using conditioner enough. The conditioner will lock and seal the moisture to your hair. These are the signs that your hair might not be healthy. Damaged and unhealthy hair can be helped. If you have any questions, ask your hairdresser how to help your hair be healthier.

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