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Advantages and Disadvantages of Coloring Your Hair

Advantages and Disadvantages of Coloring Your Hair

Hair / October 1, 2017 / 1 Comment

Have you thought about coloring your hair? It’s a great way to hide the grey and to give yourself a whole new look. But you should also know that there are advantages and disadvantages to coloring your hair. Below we have gone over some of the major advantages and disadvantages so that you know the whole story.

Hair Coloring Advantages

Beautiful Results It’s not necessary to get your hair dyed at a salon so that you have wonderful results. Hair coloring at home is very easy for changing the color of your hair. If you follow the instructions, you will get glossy, beautiful tresses in no time. Look Better If you’re tired of your hair color, you can change it. You can make your hair just about any color that you want. A color treatment is a great way that you can change the color of your hair based on your mood. If you’re getting tired of the way that you look, it’s easy to enhance the way you look simply by changing the color of your hair. A lighter color can help you with appearing youthful or you can go darker for something dramatic. There’s also subtle highlights if you do not want such a dramatic change. Custom Shades If you have your hair colored professionally, you can have a custom look just for you. Like if you’re attending something special and you’re looking to have something different, you can speak with someone in a hair salon so that they can create a color that’s truly for you.

Hair Coloring Disadvantages

Maintenance It is not possible to use the products that you usually use if you’re dying your hair. The typical hair products are going to strip your dyes much faster or they’re going to dry out your color-treated hair. Because your hair’s texture is different, you’ll need to use the best products. If you are usually a redhead and you’ve gone blonde, you’ll need to use shampoo that’s violet-colored for maintaining your dye job. You have to make sure that you’re washing it for that color change. Hair Damage Chances are that your hair is going to become brittle and dry after you have dyed it. Make sure you’re using a lot of protein treatments and conditioners that are made particularly for dyed hair. These kinds of products are going to restore its shine, prevent its brittleness, and improve its strength. A hot oil treatment is also a great way that you can maintain your dyed hair. Thinning Hair that’s been recently colored is going to be thinner when compared with natural hair. It’s possible to add fullness when you use hair products that are made for volumizing, such a hair mousse. You can also give it some extra love by massaging gel made from aloe vera or coconut oil (extra virgin) into your hair. These types of products are going to help with improving its texture and preventing thinning.

Your Hair Styles are Limited

When you color your hair, you’re going to make some big adjustments to the way that you’re styling your hair. Since a color treatment isn’t kind to your hair, you’ll need to limit the type of style you use using products tha are made for hydrating and to simply brushing your hair. You shouldn’t use heat on your hair or style it. Your hair ends are going to be ruined by heat and the heat also will weaken your hair follicles, leading to breaking and thinning. Commitment If you have made a big change, like from a brunette to a blonde, you’ll need to make sure you’re maintaining your hair’s roots so that darkness isn’t showing through. This will require maintenance regularly such as returning to your salon a few times each month to get touch ups. If you have really dark hair and you’ve gone blonde, be ready for a lot of work.

It May Not Look the Way You Expect

When you are looking at that home coloring kit, you have to remember that the color that you’re expecting may not be the one that your hair ends up being. It may end up being darker than you think or it even could be a different color, based on your hair’s natural color. So you may be disappointed. Remember that coloring your hair can make you look different and feel great, but it also takes a lot of time and upkeep. So you do not want to go into it lightly. Think about whether you have the time to do it properly and then make the decision that’s right for you. Keep in mind the cost and the time that is involved in maintaining that color, especially if you go to a salon. Then you’ll see if it’s feasible to do it.

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    I like that this mentioned you can get custom shades if you have your hair colored professionally. My friend has been thinking about getting sunset hair, but feels like it’s out of her skill range. What are some tips to finding a great professional?

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