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Oway Organic Hair Care: Now Available at Dayle Jones, Living Hair Design

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Oway Organic Hair Care: Now Available at Dayle Jones, Living Hair Design

Hair / February 6, 2018 / No Comment

Exclusively Organic Salon, Located Inside Salons By JC. 

Searching for an Organic Hair Salon in Naples? Look no further than Living Hair Design by Dayle Jones, Suite 35 inside Salons By JC.  Organic is sometimes interchangeably used with the term ‘natural’ or ‘all natural’ – and neither is one in the same. Natural products just mean that the product itself is derived from natural ingredients. Organic, on the other hand, means that the ingredients found within the product have been held at a higher standard, have had to pass stringent testing to prove that they are, in fact, organic – and are grown and constructed without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. In other words, Organic is always the best option whenever possible.

Did you know that there are Organic hair color lines and products? The most amazing an effective Organic Hair Color Line on the market is Oway Organics, exclusively at Living Hair Design inside Salons by JC!



Hair Stylist Dayle Jones of Living Hair Design, located in Suite 35 at Salons By JC in Naples, Florida

Dayle Jones of Living Hair Design, located in Suite 35 inside Salons By JC in Downtown Naples, uses Oway Organics products exclusively. Dayle is an incredibly experienced and seasoned stylist as well as holding the title of National Educator for Simply Organics, the Distributor of Oway Organics. Dayle has been a stylist for over 30 years, trained by the renowned Vidal Sassoon in England as a Master Cutter and Master Stylist. When a stylist with these credentials sees great results with a product and uses them exclusively, we know they are the best on the market, highly effective and the highest possible quality.

Dayle swears by the effectiveness of the entire line of Oway products, as well as their ability to take her client’s hair to the next level. She trusts and believes in the line wholeheartedly. Dayle knows how important Organic hair care is for her clients, and wants to offer them nothing but the best.

We sat down with Dayle for a quick Q & A session, and would love to share it with all of you!

Q: As a hair color professional what do you like about Oway?

A: The Color is unlike anything I have seen; their tones, across the spectrum from blue black to lightest blonde are rich and refractory, alive with natural dimension. The Clients hair comes alive shining with life and light in sharp contrast to the hair color and often compromised condition of their hair when they arrived.

Q: What are the most popular Oway products you work with? What are your client’s favorites?

A: The Hair Baths and Masks are very popular. The styling products are, too. Oway makes it possible to customize their purchases in such a way that the client(s) leave with products that are uniquely selected for their specific needs. There are two styling products that come to mind, Flux Potion and Sculpting Mist that I recommend often and clients keep coming back for it.

Q: What are the scents like? Herbal? Fruity?

A: Fragrances are 100% pure, completely natural smelling, and clean and fresh. Clients pick up on the delicate notes and undertones, (and) it’s fun trying to guess. One of the extraordinary aspects of using Oway Products is the manufacturer does not leave anything to guess work. They publish every single ingredient contained with every single product they sell, 100% disclosure.

Q: What else should we mention and know about Oway and Living Hair Design?

A: They’re pretty much awesome! Great location. Love the people I work with. I owned salons in England and America. My second salon (first in the US) opened 1982 in the suburbs of Atlanta GA, and then 18 years later in the Shenandoah Valley, near Lexington, Virginia. I grew up in the Salon industry. Until recently, I only had one product i.e. “ME”.  Today, I love what I do more than ever! I have products that are detailed and handcrafted by people who are driven  to provide others with the finest they have to give. More than ever, I love what I do.

Living Hair Design, located in Suite 35 at Salons By JC Naples

If you’re in the market for the best products for your hair, your body, and the environment, look no further than Oway Organics. To book your appointment with Dayle and experience the Organic luxury of Oway Organics for yourself,  give her a call today 239-450-1991.


What is Oway Organics?

Oway Organics is the first of it’s kind. It’s an innovative product line that was developed for hair care professionals which uses fair-trade certified ingredients, pure essential oils, and is handcrafted to ensure the finest quality product possible. The scents range from herbal to citrus and spice scents. Each product varies, and each product is equally as effective and wonderful as the next.

From the Oway website: “We believe that using healthier, more natural ingredients, rich in active ingredients and without chemical treatments, is healthier for our bodies and increases the quality and well-being of our lives. From the biodynamic medicinal herbs it’s possible to obtain precious km zero actives and essential oils according to natural processes. The essential oils not only give rise to intoxicating fragrances (not sinthetical fragrances), but they are also functional active ingredients on hair and emanate calming, restoring and refreshing effects on mind and body.”

The developments of Green Chemistry demonstrate that it is possible to obtain excellent products without using aggressive and toxic chemical substances, preferring naturally derived ingredients that improve the hair structure from one treatment to the next. Pure oils, waxes, butters and vegetable emollients are the key to the effectiveness of OW treatments. Naturally derived boosters give shine, protection and lasting health to your hair. Phyto protein blends replump the hair fibre, improving its structure from one treatment to the next.



The Hcolor Line: What Is It?

Hcolor is an organic hair coloring line from Oway Organics. Hcolor revolutionizes salon color treatments. The Illipè butter infusion protects and reintegrates the hair stem, leaving hair soft, shiny and hydrated. The organic Perilla and ethical Date oils protect even the most sensitive of scalps and give shine, the biodynamic Hibiscus unfolds an intense antioxidant action and the Cotton Proteins increase the resistance to stress and hair fiber traction. The color treatment becomes a moment for a perfumed and pleasant relaxing pause, which is good for hair fiber while transforming your look. A choice of over 94 different intense and brilliant nuances of color. There are many inclusions of herbs, flowers, essential oils other good-for-your-hair ingredients which add to the overall quality of the Hsystem and it’s products. Hcolor is 100% free of ammonia. (Information gathered from

To book your appointment with Dayle and experience the Organic luxury of Oway Organics for yourself,  give her a call today 239-450-1991.

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