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Summer Hair Survival: Beat the Heat with a Brazilian Blowout from Salons By JC

Summer Hair Survival: Beat the Heat with a Brazilian Blowout from Salons By JC

Hair / August 5, 2018 / No Comment

Summer is already rearing its head here in Southwest Florida – and for many of us Floridians, that means two things: humidity and bad hair. Nobody wants to deal with frizzy, out of control tresses – and with a Brazilian Blowout from one of the fantastic salons at Salons By JC, you don’t have to! Our stylists know some tricks of the trade to tame that wild mane in a hot minute. Frizz, be gone!

So, what exactly is a Brazilian Blowout?

A Brazilian Blowout is a super specialized keratin smoothing treatment that targets, tames, and smooths the hair root to tip. The end result is incredibly shiny, soft, smooth and frizz-free hair that looks and feels gorgeous for approximately 10-12 weeks.

Anyone can be a good candidate for a Brazilian Blowout, but the people who will benefit the most are those who are prone to frizzy, unruly hair. It works on all hair types, and is one of the most popular hair treatments during the summer months.

One of the perks of a Brazilian Blowout is if you have curly hair, you will not lose your curl – the only thing you will lose is the frizz preventing you from wearing your hair as beautiful as it could possibly be!

Another great factor about the Brazilian Blowout is that you don’t have to experience any ‘down time’, so to speak. You will be able to style your hair any way you like – and even wash it – as soon as you leave the salon.

It’s important to note that you should always select a professional, certified salon for your hair care needs – especially when it comes to hair treatments or anything that might alter the state of your hair. With Salons By JC, you get the best in quality from a certified, professional stylist – and you will leave healthy, happy, and better than when you came in!

Another problem many women experience during the summer months is coarse, discolored hair from chlorine pools and the salty water at the beach. Sun can really do a number on your hair as well. Salons By JC also offers some fantastic conditioning treatments to help your hair heal and get back to normal after sun and water damage.

To book an appointment to bring your hair back to a beautiful state, check out our select stylists and salons listed below. Be sure to call and inquire about appointments and any other questions you may have so you are guaranteed to be seen on your designated day and time.

Salons within Salons By JC that offer Brazilian Blowout Services:

Sandra Ladenburger Salon, located in Suite 31 at Salons By JC. Contact Sandra via phone: 513-295-8957


Dawn Jasiel with Mirror Mirror Salon, located in Suite 15 at Salons By JC. Contact Dawn via phone: 239-940-6084


Casi Allen with Salon Alchemy, located in Suite 28 at Salons By JC. You can view Casi’s Facebook page or Instagram page, or give her a call to schedule:  614-256-2722



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